The Livable Nashua Plan

The Livable Nashua Plan is the City’s roadmap to a livable, resilient, and sustainable future for everyone. To meet the long-term goals of the City’s Master Plan, Livable Nashua will define the short-term actions that the City will take to meet the challenges of climate change head-on and create a thriving community. 

Focus Areas

What's in the Plan?

Ensuring a high quality of life for everyone in Nashua means creating accessible green spaces, reducing waste, expanding public transit options, and so much more. 

Goals, strategies, and actions in the Livable Nashua Plan relate to five areas of everyday life:

  • Clean Energy & Efficient Buildings
  • Resilient & Healthy Community
  • Smart Waste & Water Management
  • Sustainable Transportation & Land Use
  • Thriving Natural Resources

Track Our Progress

The table below outlines the actions we will take to create a more sustainable and resilient community.

Creating the Plan

Engaging Staff and the Community

Livable Nashua is a joint effort across City departments, stakeholder organizations, and residents. Involving City staff and the broader community was crucial to developing the Livable Nashua Plan to understand and incorporate their diverse priorities, concerns, and ideas for how the City can lead on climate action.

24 city staff members representing a variety of departments formed a Livable Nashua Advisory Group.

27 High School students from Nashua High School North and South participated in focus groups where they expressed their climate hopes and fears.

47 members of the Latino community representing a wide variety of national origins participated in a focus group through Centro Latino.

19 members of the Conservation Commission and Environment & Energy Committee contributed their ideas and expertise to the development of the plan.

280 community members participated in Livable Nashua activities at community events like the Community Resource Fair, Holiday Stroll, and more.

What You Can Do

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