Clean Energy & Efficient Buildings

Reducing energy use and transitioning to solar is something we can all do!

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
State and Federal Home Solar Incentives
Go 100% Renewable with Nashua's Community Power Program
Learn How to Read Your Electricity Bill

Resilient & Healthy Community

Resilient Nashua is an ongoing initiative and we are always looking to hear from residents on your concerns or ideas for making a more Resilient Nashua. Here are a few ways to stay connected to the initiative. You may also reach out directly to:

Contact the Office of Emergency Management:

Submit your Emergency Action Plan for Office of Emergency Management Feedback

Smart Waste & Water Management

Reducing waste starts at home; use these resources to get started.

Start Composting in Your Backyard
Declutter Your Closets and Recycle Your Textiles
Learn More about the National Recycling Goal

Sustainable Transportation & Land Use

There are so many ways to get where you need to go sustainably. Explore your options!

Hitch a Ride with the Nashua Transit System
Take Advantage of State EV Incentives

Check out NHEC Rebates
Plot Your Walking Route

Thriving Natural Resources

Help us foster a Livable Nashua by taking action to reduce waste and protect our natural resources.

Turn your property into a conservation easement.
Reduce the amount of water that runs off your property by reducing the amount of impervious surface.