Thriving Natural Resources

The Livable Nashua Vision: Nashua protects natural resources and public lands and ensures that they are accessible to all.

Enhancing Our Natural Resources

Tree Equity in Nashua

Nashua has worked hard to ensure that all community members enjoy the advantages of a healthy urban forest, which is reflected in a high Tree Equity Score of 86. To ultimately reach a score of 100, Nashua will need to prioritize areas of the city with lower tree cover and high heat vulnerability, including the downtown. 


City of Nashua Tree Equity Score, American Forests (2024).

Enhancing Our Natural Resources

Expanding Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure use plants, soils, trees, and other landscaping features to filter, store, or absorb stormwater. These solutions can reduce runoff, pollution, and flooding in neighborhoods across Nashua. 

With the Livable Nashua Plan, the City will seek to expand local green infrastructure projects such as rain gardens, porous pavement, bioswales, and street tree enhancements.

Image of tree canopy.

What is a "Conservation Easement"?

A conservation easement is a legally binding agreement that prevents development on a piece of land forever, protecting the land for specific conservation values, such as water quality or wildlife habitat, while still providing economic benefits for the area in the form of jobs, economic activity and property taxes.

Land Conservation

Protecting More Open Space

Nashua has been working hard to conserve its open space. The 2000s saw a big increase in the number of acres of conservation land.

27 Conservation Land Over Time, Livable Nashua Dashboard (2019).

What You Can Do

Reduce Waste and Support Our Beautiful Natural Resources

Help us foster a Livable Nashua by taking action to reduce waste and protect our natural resources.

Turn your property into a conservation easement.
Reduce the amount of water that runs off your property by reducing the amount of impervious surface.