Clean Energy & Efficient Buildings

The Livable Nashua Vision: Nashua utilizes energy efficiently, invests in resilient and high-performing buildings, and ultimately runs on 100% renewable energy.

Renewable Energy in Nashua

Clean Energy and Reducing GHGs

Nahua has goal of reaching 100% renewable energy by 2050. Get the big picture and learn how we're going to get there from City Energy Manager Doria Brown as she talks through Nashua's big climate goals for clean energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Renewable Energy in Nashua

Powering Nashua with Hydropower

The energy we use to light, heat, and cool our homes and businesses comes from different sources. Some of these sources, like oil and natural gas, pollute our environment and are in limited supply. Clean, renewable energy, like the City-owned hydro dams generate pollution-free electricity for Nashua that is readily available. Nashua owns two hydro dams: Jackson Mills and Mine Falls.

Community Power

Community Power in Nashua

Community Power allows the City to use its buying power, as a collective, to purchase electricity on behalf of its residents in order to maintain low energy prices and gain control over where our energy comes from. Nashua residents are automatically enrolled in the Community Power Program. Check the rates and explore plans up to 100% renewable energy on the CPCNH site.

Efficient Buildings

The Electrifying Benefits of Electrification

A typical single-family household in Nashua heated with gas will create about 182 metric tons of GHG emissions by 2050. If that same household was fully weatherized and running on a heat pump, however, those emissions drop to 30 metric tons. Every year that a homeowner delays action is a lost opportunity to significantly reduce emissions by electrifying their heating systems and installing high-efficiency heat pumps. Electric HVAC systems are also more energy efficient, can reduce costs, and improve indoor air quality.

12 Assessor’s Database, City of Nashua (2023). 

What You Can Do

Go Renewable and Efficient

Reducing energy use and transitioning to solar is something we can all do!

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
State and Federal Home Solar Incentives
Go 100% Renewable with Nashua's Community Power Program
Learn How to Read Your Electricity Bill