Sustainable Transportation & Land Use

The Livable Nashua Vision: Nashua empowers low-carbon mobility and reduces car dependence with expanded transportation options and smart community planning.

Transportation in Nashua

Creating a Cleaner, More Connected City

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that daily household vehicle trips range from a high of 59 miles per day in the least dense (suburban) parts of the community to only 13 miles per day in the downtown. The City aims to decrease these numbers in Nashua by shortening distances that residents must travel to get to daily destinations while encouraging the transition to EVs and other modes of transportation.

25 Highway Statistics Series, U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (2022).

Did You Know?

It costs less than two dollars to ride the local bus. The Nashua Transit System offers twelve daytime bus routes and two nighttime routes. All one ride fares can be purchased through the mobile Token Transit app. The NTS can also connect riders to on-demand services and regional services, like an express bus to Boston. The NTS even operates electric hybrid buses!

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Electric Vehicles

Find a Local EV Charging Station

In addition to private charging stations, there are 10 locations in Nashua equipped with 1-3 public charging stations each. The City of Nashua anticipates the number of EVs and public charging stations to increase in the near future. Use the PlugShare Map to locate your nearest station.

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Drive Electric, Hitch a Ride, Bike, or Hit the Road on Foot

There are so many ways to get where you need to go sustainably. Explore your options!

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