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Inside Clean Energy: The Idea of Energy Efficiency Needs to Be Reinvented

Incremental gains are no longer good enough if the goal is to get carbon dioxide emissions to zero, a researcher argues....

Dan Gearino - 05-02-2022

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Bicycle Friendly States: Massachusetts Tops the List

Massachusetts is the best state for people on bikes, according to the 2022 Bicycle Friendly States.

James Brasuell - 05-02-2022

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Ending the sale of gas cars by 2030 was a radical idea. What changed?

7 factors driving the switch to electric vehicles.

Kate Yoder - 05-02-2022

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The Current Rate of Ocean Warming Could Bring the Greatest Extinction of Sealife in 250 Million Years

Warming, oxygen-starved seas could lead marine species to vanish at a rate matching the planet’s biggest extinction.

Bob Berwyn - 05-02-2022

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Warming Trends: Smelly Beaches in Florida Deterred Tourists, Plus the Dearth of Climate Change in Pop Culture and Threats to the Colorado River

A column highlighting climate-related studies, innovations and other developments from the global warming frontier.

Katlyn Weisbrod - 04-25-2022

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Want to Elect Climate Champions? Here’s How to Tell Who’s Really Serious About Climate Change

These tools and scorecards will help you find candidates truly committed to environmental issues.

Marianne Lavelle - 04-25-2022

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The ‘State of the Air’ in America Is Unhealthy and Getting Worse, Especially for People of Color

Millions more are breathing unhealthy air compared to just a few years ago, in large part due to climate change.

Kristoffer Tigue - 04-25-2022

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The new golden age of wildlife in New England - The Boston Globe

After a century of science-based wildlife management, our backyards are booming with animals.

Billy Baker - 04-18-2022