For two N.H. kids, collecting frog eggs leads to published research paper

Ava and Izzy Calsbeek, two sisters from Hanover, N.H., published their research on wood frog eggs with their dad.

Jeongyoon Han - 02-01-2023


Electric School Buses Can Fight – or Further — Inequity in the US

Students from low-income and communities of color — ride diesel-powered buses that regularly expose them to toxic fumes....

Elizabeth Moses - 02-01-2023


US Emissions of the World’s Most Potent Greenhouse Gas Are 56 Percent Higher Than EPA Estimates, a New Study Shows

Electric utilities are likely responsible for the nation’s higher than expected emissions of sulfur hexafluoride.

Phil McKenna - 02-01-2023

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Greener School Playgrounds Are An Overlooked Climate Solution

Sustainable playgrounds are not talked about enough.

Nexus Media - 02-01-2023

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Study: Vermont, New Hampshire almost opposite on climate action policy

Vermont and New Hampshire emerged as almost opposites when it comes to climate action, according to a new UNH study.

Kevin Gaiss - 01-24-2023

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Analyzing climate trends that could affect winter in New Hampshire

The Storm Watch 9 team is following local and global trends that could affect the season in New Hampshire.

Storm Watch 9 Team - 01-24-2023

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A zero emissions future without the mining boom

A new report finds that the U.S. can reduce lithium demand by up to 90 percent.

Blanca Berget & Laylla Younes - 01-24-2023

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Can cities eliminate heat-related deaths in a warming world? Phoenix is trying.

Phoenix hopes a new Office of Heat Response can move fast enough to counter the impacts of deadly heat.

Emma Loewe - 01-24-2023

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Blueberries need cold winters

Bill Bartlett and his wife have owned Bartlett’s Blueberry Farm for 38 years. Climate change is hurting their business.

Mara Hoplamazian - 01-17-2023