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Inside Clean Energy: What Happens When Solar Power Gets Much, Much Cheaper?

The plummeting price of electricity from solar panels is one of the driving forces aiding the transition to clean energy...

Dan Gearino - 2021-04-01

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The US just set ambitious offshore wind power targets – what will it take to meet them?

The United States’ offshore wind industry is tiny, with just seven wind turbines operating off Rhode Island and Vi...

Erin Baker - 2021-04-04

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2,100 N.H. Households Apply For Rental Assistance Program In Its First Week

One week after its launch, about 2,100 households have applied to the New Hampshire Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Daniela Allee - 2021-03-23

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N.H. Senate Advances Offshore Wind Procurement Plan With Near-Unanimous Vote

The New Hampshire state Senate on Thursday advanced a plan to require utility investment in large offshore wind energy p...

Annie Ropeik - 2021-03-19

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The Solid-State Race: Legacy Automakers Reach for Battery Breakthrough

Automakers are pairing off with battery companies to try to win the race to develop an electric vehicle battery that cos...

Dan Gearino - 2021-03-19

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The US East Coast is ripe for offshore wind development

The fledgling U.S. offshore wind industry is finally poised to become a commercial reality off the northeast and mid-Atl...

Jon Hurdle - 2021-03-18

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What the vaccine rollout can teach us about climate tech

When it comes to complex challenges such as COVID-19 or climate change, central governments have a critical role to play...

Ben Soltoff - 2021-03-19

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N.H. Audubon 'State of the Birds' Shows Conservation Benefits, Habitat Pressures

New Hampshire Audubon has a new study on the status of the many migratory and local bird species that are commonly found...

ANNIE ROPEIK - 2021-03-11

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Carbon Pricing in New Hampshire

Some New Hampshire towns are considering warrant articles in support of a federal carbon fee and dividend at their town ...

THE EXCHANGE - 2021-03-08