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Online Disinformation Uses Culture Wars to Delay Climate Action, Study Says

Online disinformation campaigns aim to delay climate action by intentionally dragging the issue into politics.

Kristoffer Teague - 06-13-2022

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 Inside Clean Energy: Solid-State Batteries for EVs Make a Leap Toward Mass Production

Solid Power has begun rolling out batteries that will enable electric cars to run much longer on a charge.

Dan Gearino - 06-13-2022

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Gen Zs and millennials need businesses to fight climate change

Both generations put climate change just behind the cost of living as their top societal concern.

Kathy Alsegaf - 06-06-2022

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Heat, sewer problems and less lobster: New report details climate change's impact in Boston - WBUR News

Heat, sewer problems and less lobster: New report details climate change's impact in Boston.

Barbara Moran - 06-06-2022

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The debate over an outdated rule that's harming renewable energy in New England

What to know about the MOPR, an obscure rule that critics say is harming renewable energy and raising electricity bills....

Mirian Wasser - 05-27-2022

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Inside Clean Energy: Think Solar Panels Don’t Work in Snow? New Research Says Otherwise

Double-sided panels help offset the effects of snow on solar arrays.

Dan Gearino - 05-27-2022

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New Study Says World Must Cut Short-Lived Climate Pollutants as Well as Carbon Dioxide to Meet Paris Agreement Goals

Failing to rein in methane, HFCs and soot, will speed global warming in the coming decades.

Phil McKenna - 05-27-2022

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Yes, you can save lives by planting trees, a new study says

Increasing urban greenery could save lives of tens of thousands of older adults, researchers found.

Julia Kane - 05-27-2022

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Urban heat is an invisible threat

Urban heat is an invisible threat – resilience against it shouldn't be.

Luke Antoniou - 05-27-2022