Public Health

Public health ranges from access to health care and healthy food to the lifestyles of a community's residents. Nashua envisions a built environment that encourages an active lifestyle and a health care system that protects all residents.  For the most up to date public health information, refer here.

Obesity Rates

What Defines "Obese"?

An adult at a healthy weight is someone who has a body mass index (BMI) between 18.5 and 24.9. An adult is overweight if their BMI is between 25 and 29.9 and obese if BMI is 30 or higher. Obese and overweight adults are at an increased risk for several chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.  Medical providers in the Greater Nashua Region have identified obesity as the number one health issue.

Obesity Rates

Adults by Health Class

While Nashua has been successful in reducing the overall obesity rate, we still have work to do given that the percentage of healthy weight people has also decreased. Our programs are working to get people from the obese level to overweight, now they must get into that healthy weight level.

Access to Health Care

Health Care Access

Health care access is a broad term referring to the ability of individuals to obtain needed medical services. Easy access to health care has a direct correlation to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions. Challenges to access can center on individual concerns, such as affordability, lack of coverage or difficulty navigating the system. Access can also be limited by broader issues with the system, such as limited facilities, lack of public transportation, or lack of interpreter services. 

Access to Health Care

Social Determinants of Health

Lack of health insurance coverage is a major barrier to accessing healthcare services. More than 90% of people in most census tracts in the Greater Nashua Public Health Region have health insurance. However; more than 20% of the population in three Nashua Census tracts (105, 106, 108) do not have health insurance. Learn more about the social determinants of health in Nashua.

Access to Health Care

Health Insurance Coverage

This graph shows health care insurance coverage for adults and children in Nashua. A Livable Nashua ensures all residents have total (100%) health care insurance coverage.

Access to Healthy Food

Food Deserts

Access to healthy food is measured by distance to supermarkets and other healthy food outlets AND by income status. A low-income household that is more than one mile from a supermarket is identified as being located in a food desert.

Access to Healthy Food

Healthy Food Access

This map shows the average distances people have to travel by foot and my car to access healthy food. The green and orange tracts are areas where low income status overlaps with low access to food.

Public Health

What You Can Do!

Nashua is working hard to ensure it is a City where all residents have access to healthcare, nutritious food, and programs that promote a healthy lifestyle. Here is what you can do.

Follow the 5-2-1-0 guidelines for a healthy lifestyle

Healthy NH Guidelines
Get your child engaged in healthy eating and lifestyle choices through the Prescribe the Y program.

Prescribe the Y
New Hampshire has 4 insurance companies that offer five different categories of coverage.

Get Insured!