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The City of Nashua worked with community stakeholders on Resilient Nashua throughout 2018 and 2019 to develop a comprehensive resilience initiative. In 2020, the City kicked off Imagine Nashua, the latest master planning process.

About Imagine Nashua

What is Imagine Nashua?

Imagine Nashua is the City’s comprehensive planning process—an initiative that combines inclusive community engagement with major plans created in the past 20 years to craft an innovative vision for the future of Nashua. This master plan focuses on equity, resilience, and climate protection as core values guiding growth and development in the city. 

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About Resilient Nashua

How Did We Get to Resilient Nashua?

The City of Nashua worked with community stakeholders throughout 2018 and 2019 to develop a comprehensive resilience initiative. The Resilient Nashua Initiative’s main purpose was to identify acute shocks and chronic stressors impacting the City of Nashua, now and in the future, and collaboratively find solutions to address these complex issues. Our first task was to update the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan as well as develop a Resilience Strategy to improve overall resilience for the community as a whole. Throughout 2018 and 2019 the City hosted a variety of opportunities, such as workshops, for stakeholders and the public to contribute to the Resilient Nashua Initiative. We encourage everyone in our community to take part.

About Resilient Nashua

Resilient Nashua Goals

The Resilient Nashua Initiative articulated several goals to ensure that the process was effective at hearing from all parts of the community and to make sure we captured what aspects of our city make us more vulnerable to different shocks.

  • Identify acute shocks impacting the City of Nashua
  • Identify chronic stressors impacting the City of Nashua
  • Encourage diverse stakeholder dialogue through an inclusive environment
  • Identify opportunities to improve the City of Nashua’s resilience

Initiative Outputs

Engagement Outputs

For the Resilient Nashua Initiative, The City used the coUrbanize platform to solicit ideas and feedback. People who live, work, or visit Nashua, visited the website and added points to the map based on the first question: “Where and what type of hazard events have you observed in Nashua?”

They answered “Natural Hazards”, “Accidental Hazards”, or Human-Caused Hazards” and provided further information in the associated text box. Additional questions were added the following months, to help bring additional community input into our plan.

The website is currently archived but you can see all of the comments and recommendations here:

Initiative Outputs

Final Documents

In addition to the community building that happened in the process, two documents were created as final products of the Resilient Nashua Initiative:

Nashua Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2019
This document is submitted to and approved by FEMA as a condition to qualify for both pre and post disaster grants to address all types of hazards faced by the community.

Resilience Dialogues Nashua Synthesis Report 2018
This report documents the process that brought nationally recognized experts on climate change to engage with the community and explore specifically the challenges Nashua will face from climate change as well as the solutions that are possible here.

Initiative Outputs

Meeting Materials

Several public meetings were held over the course of the initiative. The meeting materials are archived here for reference.

Get Involved

Stay in Touch with Resilient Nashua

Resilient Nashua is an ongoing initiative and we are always looking to hear from residents on your concerns or ideas for making a more Resilient Nashua. Here are a few ways to stay connected to the initiative.  Also you may reach out directly to:

Office of Emergency Management
City of Nashua, NH
229 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060
Phone: 603-589-3275

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