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10 jobs that will help shape a zero-emissions future

An economy based on healing the climate could spawn new livelihoods across Cascadia.

- 2021-06-28

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More Than Half Of U.S. Buildings Are In Places Prone To Disaster, Study Finds

More than half of the buildings in the contiguous U.S. are in disaster hotspots, a new study finds. Tens of millions of ...

Rebecca Hersher - 2021-06-21

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VIDEO: Scientists use clues from trees to put the current drought into perspective

To say it's dry in the West is an understatement – the U.S. is experiencing the most intense drought in modern...

- 2021-06-28

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Bringing Back Trees To 'Forest City's' Redlined Areas

In Cleveland, as in other cities, a move for "tree equity" is bringing more trees to low-income neighborhoods ...

Dan Charles - 2021-06-28

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Food Production are Far Greater Than Previous Estimates Suggest

A new study finds that if all parts of the food system are included, food production is responsible for as much as 40% o...

Georgina Gustin - 2021-06-21

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NOAA predicts a busy hurricane season. Take a look back at 7 big New England storms - The Providence Journal

With 18 named storms, eight hurricanes and three major hurricanes predicted by experts at the National Oceanic Atmo...

Hadley Barndollar - 2021-06-21

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The Record Temperatures Enveloping The West Are Not Your Average Heat Wave

It might be tempting to shrug at the scorching weather across large swaths of the West. This just in: It gets hot in the...

Eric Westervelt - 2021-06-21

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To Understand How Warming is Driving Harmful Algal Blooms, Look to Regional Patterns, Not Global Trends

Last month, a red tint began to spread across the surface of the glacial waters of Kachemak Bay, Alaska. It was a signal...

Haley Dunleavy - 2021-06-21

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Microbes and solar power ‘could produce 10 times more food than plants’

The system would also have very little impact on the environment, in contrast to livestock farming, scientists say. Comb...

Damian Carrington - 2021-06-21